[xmlProfiles-29] xml subsetting in IETF XMPP


I don't recall this particular use of subsetting being mentioned
before in this context. XMPP dissalows PIs, commnents, and both
internal and external TD subsets.

Also, curiously, *pre*defined entities. Which is very weird.



This document describes the core features of the Extensible Messaging
and Presence Protocol (XMPP), a protocol for streaming XML in
near-real-time that is used mainly for the purpose of instant
messaging (IM) and presence by the servers, clients, and other
applications that comprise the Jabber network.

4.2 Restrictions

XML streams are used to transport a subset of XML. Specifically, XML
streams SHOULD NOT contain processing instructions, predefined
entities (as defined in Section 4.6 of the XML specification[1]),
comments, or DTDs. Any such XML data SHOULD be ignored by a compliant

Now, if it was SHOULD NOT contain and compliant implementations MUST
ignore then we would have a conformance profile.

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