URIEquivalence-15, IRIEverywhere-27

Please note minutes from the recent IETF meeting on URIs
with respect to two TAG issues:


The latest URI draft
contains text originally contributed by Tim Bray on
URI Equivalence. I think that it is preferable to
complete the update of RFC 2396 in a way that is
agreeable and then reference that. As usual, attention
to the issues on the issue list 
in email to mailto:uri@w3.org would be most helpful.


Some progress is being made on completing the IRI
document, but it could use more focus. It was requested
that a separate mailing list, solely focused on IRIs,
be created, and a separate issue list for IRIs be
created to aid in tracking. I imagine some administrative
help in getting this done and managing the process
would expedite.

Again, getting a single RFC for which there
is community consensus completed and published
seems like the best way of proceeding.
Please help by giving attention to the
open IRI issues.



Received on Monday, 31 March 2003 00:29:51 UTC