W3C URI Coordination Group is chartered

FYI, the URI CG is now officially chartered.

  URI Coordination Group

"The mission of this group is to coordinate ongoing work in the area of
Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs); to serve as a coordinating body of
all issues involving URIs in the W3C and act as the coordinating body
for URI issues with other groups.

This includes:

      * coordination of URI issues between W3C and the IETF, including
        monitoring maintenance of IETF/IANA URI scheme registries,
        updating and maintaining materials and documentation on the W3C
        site relevant to URIs, and promoting development of
        supplementary guidelines
      * coordinating review of use of URIs in W3C specifications
      * bringing architectural issues and recommendations to the
        attention of the TAG
      * acting as a resource for information and clarifications
        involving URI issues to the W3C Membership
      * working with other organizations on URI issues where

Dan Connolly, W3C http://www.w3.org/People/Connolly/

Received on Wednesday, 19 March 2003 23:41:50 UTC