Re: Tag membership question

Rick Jelliffe wrote:
> Am I right in thinking that all members of the TAG are now residents of North America?

No.  Chris Lilley is a resident of France and Stuart Williams of 
Britain.  The national makeup of the TAG is interesting: 3 Canadians 
(Bray/Cotton/Orchard), three British (Berners-Lee/Lilley/Williams) and 
three Americans (Connolly/Fielding/Walsh).

> If so, does the TAG feel that this may compromise their ability or credability to architect 
> a "World Wide" Web to some degree? Or, as a lesser question, does the TAG feel they
> are actively encouraging and perpetuating a centre-periphery divide between dominant 
> regions and dominated regions? 

We have observed with regret more than once that the TAG is composed 
entirely of middle-aged white guys who are native speakers of English. 
Since this is supposed to be a technical activity, I'd be worried more 
about the fact that we're all anglophones, except for we have pretty 
good i18n expertise on-board and via callout to people like Duerst and you.

I know for a fact that there are people in various combinations of 
non-male non-white non-native-English-speaker who are plenty well 
qualified to be on the TAG.

Do I think that increasing the diversity would have any impact on the 
outcomes of our technical discussions?  No.  Do I think that it might be 
  potentially of symbolic value?  Maybe.

> Will the TAG consider altering its membership rules to encourage diversity?

The TAG doesn't make its membership rules, so you need to talk to the AB 
and AC.
Cheers, Tim Bray
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