Re: [binaryXML-30] Binary XML problem statement.

On Monday, February 17, 2003, 3:33:29 PM, Chris wrote:

CL> Hello folks,

CL> Action CL 2002/12/02: Write up problem statement about binary XML;
CL> send to www-tag.

This recently published paper should be added to the references and
should add a new section to the document - efficient storage of binary

XML, SOAP and Binary Data
February 26, 2003
Adam Bosworth, BEA Systems
Don Box, Microsoft
Martin Gudgin, Microsoft
Mark Nottingham, BEA Systems
David Orchard, BEA Systems
Jeffrey Schlimmer, Microsoft

From that paper:

  " It is interesting to note, however, that XML Schema defines the
  value space of the base64Binary and hexBinary data types as the
  actual octets. This makes it is possible to reduce or eliminate the
  size and performance costs of base64/hex decoding in many common
  scenarios (e.g., in-memory DOM trees, SAX pipelines, etc). However,
  this is not the case when the XML is serialized as UTF-8 or
  equivalent due of the nature of XML 1.0. "

This is interesting since it is an "XML family" approach rather than
an "XML 1.0 syntax" approach and, seen from that context, XML 1.0
sysntax is the odd one out that does not allow the direct
representation of binary inline objects.


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