Re: siteData-36: strawman

Karl Dubost wrote:

> Now, there's something which is a bit tricky. What's a Web site and how 
> to define it?

I don't think it's tricky at all.  A "site" is defined as a resource, 
identified by a URI, which is a collection of other resources.  Various 
mechanisms can be made available for resources to assert that they are 
part of a site, and as you point out, it would be useful for the "site" 
resource representation to (optionally) contain a list of the URIs that 
are in the site.

> Let's identify some of the possibilities:
> 1. Domain name = Web site


> 2. Host = Collection of Web sites.


> 3. Distributed Web site.
>     Imagine now that the notion of Web sites is a collection of resource 
> on a topic that people has agreed to put together.


>     Abuse. Exactly like the keywords system in meta.
>     People will start to declare that they belong to a Web site to be 
> automatically indexed in the system which put the resources together.

Good point.  So crawlers would probably require that the site resource 
point back to the member resources...
>     So if you have an URI which says we are all part of this Web site, 
> Web site in this case meaning the 3rd option. What will be at the end of 
> this URI ? A mechanism which says: "Hey yes, all this list of URIs 
> belong to the same site."  ?

... as you suggest.
Cheers, Tim Bray
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