Re: URIEquivalence-15: characters in RFC 2396 (was: Re: [Minutes] 27 Jan 2003 TAG teleconf (..., IRIEverywhere-27, ...))

Late I know but I am searching back over older email for things I may
have missed in the first round.

On Tuesday, February 4, 2003, 2:27:47 PM, Stuart wrote:

WS> To come back to the one character or three question... '%7e' might be viewed
WS> as 3 "URI Characters"; one "octet"; and one "original character" '~'
WS> (maybe).

So we can now defined namespace matching and other sorts of comparisons
as working on URI character sequences, and URI dereferencing as
working on original character sequences.

And IRI give an interoperable way of getting from the former to the


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