Re: OpenURL, still active?

On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 11:48, Tim Bray wrote:
> I saw an RFP the other day talking about the "OpenURL" protocol, which 
> I'd never heard of; I looked it up at 
> and it seems to be a standard for 
> how to pack a whole bunch of bibliographic selectors into the query part 
> of a URI, which sounds sensible to me.  There don't seem to be any 
> updates since January 2002, is this one still alive? -Tim


I can't seem to find time to launch this URI CG, but...

        OpenURL is an effort by NISO ((US) National Information
        Standards Organization) to develop a standardized format for
        transporting metadata in a URL. 
        Mark Needleman represents OpenURL in the URI CG."


  The OpenURL Standard: A Progress Report
  Tony Hammond, Herbert Van de Sompel, and Eric Van de Velde


Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Tuesday, 25 February 2003 18:56:05 UTC