Re: Posted uri-comp-4

I like this a lot, both in tone and in substance. 

One thing I did expect in a Tag finding that I didn't see in the draft:  a 
little more guidance on how to choose the right point on the ladder for 
one purpose or another.  I think that what's implied is:  (a) we recognize 
not only that all of these techniques are in use, but that in practice all 
of them are potentially sensible choices for future applications and (b) 
try to go as far down the ladder as you can, consistent with maintaining 
acceptable performance in your particular situation.

Whether or not I've correctly inferred what's intended, I suggest it might 
be helpful to be a bit more explicit.  I think people are looking for 
guidance (and also looking for something they can reference to justify 
their otherwise questionnable decisions :-) ).   Thanks!

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