Re: Proposed issue: site metadata hook wrote:
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>>The server owner runs the HTTP server. No data can go in or 
>>out of the 
>>system without their explicit or implicit agreement.
> Fine. Then we agree on that point.

I'm not sure if you understand my point. By virtue of the fact that they 
own the HTTP server, they have _complete control_. No bits cross a wire 
without their consent. The architecture group therefore does not have to 
give them any more control.

Given that, I don't know what you and Chris are arguing about. Obviously 
the current situation is poor because it gives people with ~accounts 
_no_ control. They need more. The rights of the administrators do not 
have to be safeguarded because they are the final determiners of 
EVERYONE's rights, no matter what the architecture group does.

  Paul Prescod

Received on Wednesday, 19 February 2003 13:53:54 UTC