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> >Fair enough. But you seem to be implying that the web architecture
> >should allow a user to override the rights of the web site 
> owner. That
> >if the web owner says "no robots here" that the user should still
> >be allowed to invite them in. That's what you suggested in your
> >original post.
> I think you're confusing the web site with the web server. 

No, I don't think I am. You may be confusing a web space with 
a web site. Those are not the same thing.

are *not* two web sites. They are two web spaces.

And Joe and Jane are tenants of the site.

Yes, the content of those two web spaces are probably owned/managed
independently from the rest of the web site, but they are still
part of that web site, and the rights of those tenants of are dictated by the owner of the site.

But you are quite correct that a given server can host multiple sites,
and I will restrict myself in the future to speaking of sites, rather
than servers.



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