RE: Proposed issue: site metadata hook

It is necessary to determine if TimBL's limited 
approach or solving a limited problem results 
in an architectural decision that also limits 
comprehensive approaches to less limited problems. 
That seems to be the thrust of the MGET approach. 
Patrick might wish to propose a new issue.  However, 
it is hard to see how Tim's can go forward if these 
are linked and Patrick's is on the table.  In short, 
a procedural decision can result in an architectural 
decision that limits other approaches.  Is that the 
desired effect?


From: Seairth Jacobs []

There *is* a need for retrieving metadata in an effective
and standardized way.  But is timbl's proposal trying to take up this task,
or something more limited?  It's likely that a solution to the metadata
retrieval problem would also be a solution for the proposal's stated
problem.  As a result, there's little point in focusing on this one issue
(URI identifier "ownership") if it's actually part of a bigger problem
(metadata retrieval).

As I said, I would rather see the TAG put their energy elsewhere,  even if
it's into the task of standardized metadata retrieval.

Received on Friday, 14 February 2003 10:11:15 UTC