RE: Proposed issue: site metadata hook (slight variation)

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> Hi Patrick,
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> > And as more and more servers and clients are semantic web enabled,
> > using the new methods, these temporary obstacles will lessen and
> > disappear, and our children will thank us for taking a longer term
> > view of things.
> Umm ... well, lets hope it's not our great, great grandchildren ;-)
> Seriously tho', cp. IPv6 or even HTTP/1.0 -> 1.1. These things take 
> literally decades. Do you really want to wait that long when 
> there's a 
> workaround that'll do the trick today?

Who has to wait?

How is the addition of MGET and friends any different from the additional
methods introduced by WebDAV?

Did folks have to wait on the core HTTP spec to change to deploy WebDAV
servers? No.

And folks will not have to wait on, nor require any changes to the core
HTTP spec in order to deploy Semantic Web Enabled servers and clients.

This is a layer on top of the Web. Not a fundamental change to the Web.

Rather, changing the semantics of GET, PUT, etc. to work properly with
Meta: so that one gets a description rather than representation is what
will require folks to wait an eternity for the next version of HTTP...


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