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> Sorry to stumble in and maybe I'm totally lost in all this
> threads, but right now I fail to see the need for MGET...

Then please read the entire thread ;-)

> I think things can be made enough precise when e.g.
> an RDF engine is interested in something *unnamed* _:x
> for which it knows that <uri-of-doc> log:semantics _:x
> where the <uri-of-doc> denotes the document and _:x
> denotes the formula written on the document
> (and because there is a functional mapping from the
> document to the formula, the formula could maybe even
> be *named* or designated as <uri-of-doc>!!log:semantics
> just as you would use the name "10"^^xsd:decimal
> instead of the unnamed _:y in _:y xsd:decimal "10"
> to designate the number 10).
> So GET doc can be used as before and CONNEG can be used to
> negotiate for RDF/XML, N3 representations of the document.

Jos, what if I have a URI <> and nothing
more, and want to know what it means and want to ask the server to tell me. How do I do that?

That is what this thread is about. How to obtain a description of
a resource when all one has is the URI denoting it and *nothing*


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