Re: [xmlProfiles-29] TAG recommendation for work on subset of XML 1.1

"Paul Cotton" <> writes:

> >> As far as I know, SOAP hasn't expressed a requirement for anything.  
> Looking back at the history of this issue [1], message [2] from David
> Fallside officially describes the XMLP Working Group's rationale for
> their use of a subset of XML.  And Mike Champion sent a message [3]
> which gives the official W3C Web Services Architecture WG position
> supporting the existence of this subset.
> In addition your own message [4], gave an excellent rationale for why
> SOAP used such a subset.
> All of these inputs were important in convincing me as a TAG member to
> support the TAG's recommendation [4] on this issue.  I invite
> participants in this thread to review these earlier messages.

I have reviewed all these messages, and remain unclear as to the TAG's
motivation for commending a _solution_ (in the form of a subset) to
the Core WG, rather than asking them to address a (putative)
_requirement_.  I'd welcome clarification from you or any other TAG
member on this point

Or do you feel that the kind of approach I suggested (a new
conformance level, as opposed to a subset of the language) would
actually be in-scope for Core in response to the TAG's recommendation?


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