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>>Better to use HEAD and define some headers.
> Well, *I* can do all kinds of things on *my* server. But what is needed
> is a common solution that (nearly) *everybody* uses so that I can ask
> about resources on *other* folks servers and expect with reasonable
> confidence that the server will know what I'm asking for and provide
> what I need.
> I.e. we need a *standardized* solution for accessing resource metadata
> on the Web, and that solution is a key component of the interface between
> the SW and Web.

I mention using HEAD, because it probably takes less effort to get 
some new HTTP headers deployed than a new method. WebDAV/DASL has 
almost everything you need, but it requires new methods atop HTTP.

So yes, by all means standardize it. And one of the best ways to 
standardize something on the web is to implment on your server, to 
solve your problem. Then try to persuade others to follow suit.

Bill de hÓra

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