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Re: New URI scheme talk in RSS-land

From: Paul Prescod <paul@prescod.net>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 23:32:14 -0800
Message-ID: <3FDD637E.2050209@prescod.net>
To: www-tag@w3.org

Catching up on this old threads...

Patrick Stickler wrote:
 > ...
> This is why the new-URI approach seems to go against the grain
> of the current web architecture.
> What is needed here is pretty simple. The browser needs to be
> extended ...

As thrilled as I am to see people considering the architectural 
implications of decisions, itis not "simple" to "extend the browser". 
The whole point of the effort is to make it easy for end-users and 
end-users use a browser from a company that has all but stated that they 
have no interest in promoting or improving standards-based browsers any 

A solution that works today is to treat the URL as data and put it in a 
representation. It could go in the ATOM document itself but why not have 
a URL that represents the feed as a whole, as distinct from today's data.

<feed subscriber-url="" rss1-url="" rss2-url="" atom-url=""
	blog-apis-supported="" updated="daily">
You are viewing this document in a program not equipped
to handle the MIME type text/atom-subscription . If you would
like to subscribe manually, use this URL: "http://...."
<a href="http://atom-info">here</a> for more information.


The "GET" is tiny, the format can be both human and machine readable, 
the transient data is nicely separated from the permanent feed-specific 
data, etc.

  Paul Prescod
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