First WD of xml:id Requirements Document

The XML Core WG has just published its first WD of
a Requirements Document for xml:id.  It can be found at:

The XML Core WG welcomes comments.  We plan to start work
immediately on drafting a simple specification to support 
our requirements for xml:id.

Since XML 1.0, the ability of processors to identify an XML element by an 
explicit identifier ("IDness") has depended upon validation. Both DTDs and 
[XML Schema] have mechanisms to identify the structures containing unique 
identifiers. But neither XML Schema nor DTDs are required by all processors. 
A common processor type does not perform validation, nor fetch external 
resources for the purpose of acertaining whether the document contains 
unique identifiers.

This document sets out the requirements for a mechanism for determining 
"IDness" applicable to all classes of XML processors.

Status of this Document
This document is a working draft prepared by the W3C XML Core Working Group 
as part of the XML Activity. As a first draft, it does not necessarily 
represent a consensus of the members of the XML Core WG.

By publishing this draft, the XML Core WG requests comments from interested 
parties. Comments should be sent to, which is an 
automatically and publicly archived email list.

Paul Grosso, Arnaud Le Hors
Co-chairs, XML Core WG 

Received on Wednesday, 6 August 2003 18:27:01 UTC