Re: ACTION completed: redraw diasgram of URI, resource, representation

On Monday, August 4, 2003, 4:14:02 PM, Walden wrote:

WM> Chris et al,

WM> This looks not unlike models I built in Alloy months ago.  Would it
WM> not be appropriate to show at least one additional URI with inbound
WM> arc to the resource,

The same resource, or a different one?

WM> and also at least one additional outbound arc
WM> to a representation of varying content encoding?

I agree that a subsequent diagram showing multiple representations of
the same resource would be a good idea. I wanted to keep this one
simple, primarily because this was the diagram that i had taken an
action item to produce.

WM>  Plus some indication
WM> that this is a snapshot in time, and that the same Resource may look
WM> different in subsequent frames?

I agree that representations may change over time. That could be a
third diagram (the oxaca weather, once again, being a suitable

WM> Walden Mathews

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WM> Subject: ACTION completed: redraw diasgram of URI, resource, representation

>> Action CL 2003/07/21: Redraw diagram showing relationship between
>>        URI/Resource/Representation with (1) English words (2) no more
>>        "isa" arrows; just label objects.
>> This diagram is based on the one on the whiteboard at the f2f after we
>> had finished fiddling with it.
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>>  Chris                


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