Potential TAG issue in re consistency, Schema, etc.

I'm not 100% sure if there's a TAG issue here, but based on some recent 
correspondence, I thought I should bring this forward for some 
meta-discussion.  In July I submitted a set of 8 comments on the XQuery 
Working Drafts, at


Among other things I argued that XQuery should be decoupled from XML 
Schema and made specific suggestions as to how this might be 
accomplished.  In September I received an official response to my 
XSchema argument from the XQuery WG, at


My arguments were rejected on a variety of grounds, in substantial part 
non-technical.  One of the main reasons for XQuery's tight linkage to 
XML Schema was "strong W3C guidance" that other W3C recommendations 
should be used, and that furthermore, it would be helpful to XML Schema 
to have XQuery using it.

The XQuery Working Group's response continues "While this is clearly a 
decision for the Architecture team..." which I guess means the TAG.

I'm hardly unbiased here because I strongly disagree with the direction 
the XQuery WG is going here on technical grounds.  Furthermore, I think 
   that if this issue were being discussed on purely technical terms, 
some decisions might be different.

So does anyone think there's an issue here we ought to take up?  -Tim

Received on Friday, 11 October 2002 22:55:58 UTC