Re: Binary Infosets

Tim Bray wrote:
> Robin Berjon wrote:
>> while reading the webarch WD I came accross a point that surprised me 
>> slightly in section 3.3 ( 
>> Point 8 mentions "Effect of Mobile on architecture - size, complexity, 
>> memory constraints. Binary infosets, storage efficiency."
> Er, chapter 3 of Webarch is *highly* uncooked.  No discussion whatsoever 
> of these issues has yet occurred in the TAG context.  Nothing to report.

Ok, thanks. I mostly wanted to know if there were opinions floating 
around about that to mull over or discuss.

> <personal-opinion>Binary infoset?  Blecch.  This is what XML exists to 
> prevent.</personal-opinion>  -Tim

It's just a content encoding, no different from, say, using gzip'ed XML 
over HTTP (only more efficient). I doubt XML exists to prevent gzip or 
any other content coding! :-)

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