Summary of TAG activity from 4 Sep 2002 to 4 Oct 2002

Dear www-tag,

This is a summary of the TAG's activity from 4 Sep 2002
(end date of the previous summary [1]) to 4 Oct 2002.

The TAG had two teleconferences and one face-to-face meeting
during this period; summaries of those meetings are linked from
the TAG home page [2].

1) During the current period, the TAG met face-to-face in
      Vancouver (minutes [3]). The TAG made progress on a number
      of issues, and discussed comments on the first public
      draft of the Architecture Document [4]. The TAG expects
      to publish a revision of the Architecture Document prior to
      the November 2002 AC meeting.

      On one issue in particular (xlinkScope-23), there have been
      a number of replies to a TAG email recommending that XHTML 2.0
      use XLink. The TAG thanks those who have contributed to
      substantive technical discussion and will do what it can to
      build consensus towards a solution. The TAG will also be
      responsive to process and communication concerns raised
      on www-tag.

2) The TAG discussed the following issues in substance:

      - RFC3023Charset-21 : Do all "shoulds" of RFC 3023 section 7.1

      - deepLinking-25 : What to say in defense of principle that
        deep linking is not an illegal act?

      - httpRange-14 : What is the range of the HTTP dereference

      - xlinkScope-23 : What is the scope of using XLink?

      - rdfmsQnameUriMapping-6 : Algorithm for creating a URI from a

      - namespaceDocument-8 : What should a "namespace document"
        look like?

      - mixedNamespaceMeaning-13 : What is the meaning of a document
        composed of content in mixed namespaces?

      - contentPresentation-26 : Separation of semantic and
        presentational markup, to the extent possible, is
        architecturally sound.

      Details about discussions and related actions are available in
      the meeting minutes linked from the TAG's home page. The TAG's
      issues list is available at:

3) The TAG reached a decision on:

       - httpRange-14:

       For now, the TAG has:

       a) Agreed to merge two principles (2 and 7 in the
          30 September Draft) in the Architecture Document
          into one: "Ambiguity in the relationship between URIs
          and resources is harmful for humans and machines."

       b) Defer the issue, since it may be that the Architecture
          Document does not rely on an answer to this question,
          and since there is no consensus in the TAG about the
          answer to this question.

4) During this period, the TAG published no findings, and
      did not accept any new issues.

Next TAG meeting: 7 October 2002.

For Tim Berners-Lee, TAG Chair
Ian Jacobs


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