Re: TAG document: SOAP HTTP GET binding available

Sam Ruby wrote:

> We seem to have a semantic gap here.  Let me start by describing how I use
> various terms, and then perhaps we can bridge this gap.  To me, one does
> not bind one wire format to another.  Instead one binds of an abstract
> definition of a service to (possibly multiple) across-the-wire
> representations.
> WSDL can be used to describe web services abstractly 

Here's the problem: the protocols are layered.  Which is to say, you can 
set up, deploy, and use a Web Service entirely at the SOAP level without 
going near WSDL.  Lots of people do this all the time.  Given the 
current POST-only binding of SOAP, such services are not visible in URI 
space and are thus not good Web citizens.  Dave's proposal is trying to 
hellp fiix this.  -Tim

Received on Thursday, 9 May 2002 22:18:00 UTC