Re: What does a document mean?

What is the context of this? It seems to perpetuate the fuzziness 
between 'document' and 'resource' (e.g., section 1 leads one to believe 
that it's possible to 'exchange' resources). A lot of the uses of XML, 
etc. are document-centric, but IMO the terminology and concepts should 
still mesh with the larger uses of these formats on the Web.

Also, it's unclear how deep this goes; for example, terms like 'message' 
are used, but I'm not sure they're being used in the sense that HTTP 
does. [1] may be help get a perspective from the other end (i.e., from 
the bytes on the wire up), to determine the scope of discussion.

This may just mean attaching a note that explains that 'documents' are 
considered on their own, separately from the issues brought about 
putting them on the Web and moving them around.

Sorry if I've missed other relevant discussion here, but it's been hard 
to keep up with this list recently.


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