RE: Hyperlinks depend on GET (was: Re: REST and the Web)

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> Subject: Re: Hyperlinks depend on GET (was: Re: REST and the Web)
> Julian Reschke wrote:
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> >...
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> > A similar problem arises when trying to get browsers to play with WebDAV
> > servers. Users expect a link to a resource to perform a "GET".
> However, what
> > if you want to point somebody to the "folder view" of a
> collection of HTTP
> > resources (as defined by WebDAV)? As the PROPFINDable
> information doesn't
> > have it's own URI (now if somebody has a proposal how to make
> WebDAV more
> > GET-friendly, I'd like to hear that :-)), there's no simple (and no
> > standardized way) to do this.
> >From my point of view, that's an example of the nastiness that happens
> when you forget how central GET is.
> IMHO, WebDAV directory listings should have been GET-able resources.

Sure. However, I yet have to see a practical proposal how

a) the "properties" URI for a given resource would be detected and

b) how the various PROPFIND functionalities would map to headers (or query


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