Re: Defining the Web

> On Tuesday, March 26, 2002, at 10:14  AM, 
> wrote:
> >  How about:
> >
> > "The World Wide Web ("Web") is a networked information space which
> > encompasses all things with identity ("resources").  The Web 
> > architecture
> > attempts to maximize compatibility among the interfaces used to
> > access and manipulate Web resources."
> Looks good to me.

Well, a generic interface seems to me to be the epitomy of maximizing
compatibility, as it permits everything with a URI to be accessed and
manipulated in the same way.

Also, "interfaces" implies more than one, which is by definition not
maximizing compatibility.

If you want to do anything with resources other than stare at their
unclickable URIs on documents, you need REST.

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