Re: [uriMediaType-9] New Internet Draft: Resrep Type

At 01:58 PM 3/27/02 +0000, Sean B. Palmer wrote:
>A new Internet Draft has been published that is relevant to the
>uriMediaType-9 TAG issue, and vaguely relevant to the "HTTP
>range" debate/issue (yet to be assigned an issue identifier).
>    - Resource and Representation Typing in HTTP [1]
>    Sean B. Palmer, March 2001, Internet-Draft (work in progress)
>It specifies two new HTTP headers: "Resource-Type" and

Rather than defining new header field names, an alternative could be to 
define media feature tags for use with the already-defined Content-features 
[1] header.


   Content-features: (Resource-type="")

The potential advantages are:

(a) is administratively and politically easier to achieve, and

(b) with ongoing (albeit low-key) work to converge the IETF content 
negotiation and W3C CC/PP [2] work, the information thus described could be 
used in CC/PP profiles (and hopefully P3P and other related profiles in due 

(c) possibility (in IETF content negotiation framework) to relate the value 
to other media feature parameters, e.g.:
   Content-features: (& (Resource-type="")
                        (| (& (Repr-type="") 
(color=full) )
                           (& (Repr-type="") 
(color=mapped) ) ) )

I'll note that the CC/PP work has already earmarked an attribute that might 
be used in this kind of way, viz [3].





Graham Klyne

Received on Wednesday, 27 March 2002 09:57:23 UTC