RE: Genericity, strong typing, SOAP-RPC, GRASP, and defining the Web

Mike Dierken wrote,
> Given 10 receivers - each with different constraints - the 
> complexity at each receiver might be low, but the complexity at the 
> sender is 10x. How many senders does a receiver want to play with? 
> It depends on the attitude toward incoming messages :
> If a receiver says "I don't care, as long as everybody sends stuff 
> in my format" then senders will see a myriad of choices and have to 
> slog through building many adapters, and the network will be quiet 
> for a long time. If a receiver says "I party with anybody" then the 
> network will be busy indeed.

How does the receiver "party with anybody" other than by being able to
process all ten message variants that it might receive? And isn't that 
just moving complexity from one place to another? Why here rather than 

There could be lots of answers to that last question, some of them
technical, some of them political and economic. But "because it
reduces overall complexity" isn't likely to be one of them.



Received on Tuesday, 26 March 2002 20:24:55 UTC