RE: SOAP breaks HTTP?

Might be worth pointing out that SOAP is a wire protocol, it is not an
application architecture. Indeed the RPC convention (which doesn't
define an architecture in any way) is separate from the HTTP binding and
by no means have to be used with SOAP over HTTP or in any other
combination. FWIW, I can write a tightly coupled application in HTML
form using HTTP POST if I wanted to - I can even write applications that
assign unintended side-effects to HTTP GET. 

What you are saying is really that RPC is bad and I am not the one to
disagree but your argument comes down to saying that HTTP POST is evil
which I think is stretching it a fair bit.

>Yes, but I would put it somewhat stronger: RPC over HTTP breaks
>architectural principles of the Web that were first described in 1996.

>6) SOAP adds features to HTTP but it is not clear how to use those
>features AND use HTTP methods with their appropriate semantics. For
>instance how can I use SOAP headers to do routing or signing in a

...and how do I use HTML form-based file upload [1] with HTTP DELETE
(not to mention, where does the notion of a file come from)?



Received on Monday, 25 March 2002 22:22:44 UTC