section 1, intro: summary of substantive feedback so far

Ian, Tim Bray, and everybody,

I appended to the intro section
  $Revision: 1.8 $ of $Date: 2002/03/25 23:30:28 $

a summary of the feedback I've seen so far:

    *  DOM is in there; why not XML Schema? Infoset? Ferris, 18 Mar

    * boundaries for the Web Simon St.Laurent (Thu, Mar 21 2002)
          o how do telnet:, mailto:, tel: fit? suggestion: DanC 19Mar
          o " the web. only the web" -- Galeon home page
                + hmm... is the web read-only? isn't email part of the
          o links should show up in a one-page intro to Web
Architecture, no? Mark Brown, 21 Mar


There has been a lot of email recently, much
of it undert the subject of "section 1, intro for review"
that I don't think is directly relevant.

If you send review comments about section one
and they're not reflected somehow in that list,
then I lost them in the discussion blizzard or something;
if you think they're important, consider re-sending them.
Choose your subject line carefully, and if
at all possible, suggest replacement text.

This is just an acknowledgement of substantive feedback;
I haven't attempted to address the feedback by editing
the text, since we have plans for Ian to edit the
whole collection (intro/uri/doc formats/REST/messaging).

Ian, I gather Tim Bray has some editing he intends to do.
Tim, if you just want to pass and just give it to Ian at this point,
that's fine by me.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Monday, 25 March 2002 19:11:40 UTC