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> The World Wide Web ("Web") is a networked information space which
>   encompasses all things with identity ("resources").  Resources are
>   made accessible, and potentially manipulable, via a generic interface
>   whose application semantics are applicable to all resources.

Hm ... I have identity but I don't consider myself part of the World Wide 
Web. So presumably you mean "some" things with identity? Or "all" things in 
some defined space? But, as far as I remember, the IETF RFC on URIs is so 
delightfully woolly that perhaps I do need a URI for myself. :)

Having had the dubious privilege of contributing to and watching drafting by 
committee  on many occasions it - particularly collective drafting of 
definitions - is, in my experience, somewhat less exciting than watching 
paint dry.

But each to his own, I guess. :)

Good luck.

Andrew Watt
Apprentice XML Troublemaker

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