boundaries for the Web

The introduction to the TAG architecture document [1] currently states:
The World Wide Web ("Web" from here on ) is a networked information
system consisting of clients, servers and other agents that
interchange information.

This definition is extremely broad, and the W3C's notion of the Web
appears to grow every year, well beyond the common understanding of the
Web among developers.  The definition above applies to the Internet as
well as the Web and to any number of other networked systems.  

I would like to request that the TAG establish in this document a
definition of "the Web" that includes clear boundaries for the Web -
what is the Web, and what is not the Web.

A more constrained view of the Web might in fact help the TAG (and
eventually the W3C) sort out which issues are relevant to the Web and
which issues are not relevant, as well as provide clear guidelines for
which projects should be considered part of the Web Architecture and
which projects should have other homes.

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Simon St.Laurent
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Received on Thursday, 21 March 2002 16:43:21 UTC