Point of order re traffic

In the last week or so, the www-tag volume has reached the point where I'm not really able to keep on top of it with real thoughtful attention to all messages.  Some of the techniques I've used in the past to deal with this kind of situation include:

- culling messages by subject line.
- culling messages by sender.  Obviously subjective except for a pattern emerges that the more prolific an individual is, the more likely I am to stop reading their stuff.
- I could also stop reading xml-dev :)

In the case of www-tag the problem seems aggravated by the nature of the work, which tends to focus on conundra, dilemmas, and ratholes.  These kind of issues tend to elicit rambling philosophical postings even from those who are normally succinct.

I generally dislike posting problems without accompanying solutions; if this message has a purpose it's to encourage a sense of focus and get-to-the-damn-point in the people who want to participate here.  -Tim

Received on Wednesday, 20 March 2002 13:32:43 UTC