Re: section 1, intro, for review

Rob Lanphier wrote:
> ... I'm asking how you decide when to
> > invent a new application protocol or just use HTTP.
> My 2 cents:  no.
> See RFC 3205 for the justification and for a detailed discussion as to
> guidelines for using HTTP as a substrate:

I'm not talking about using HTTP as a substrate for a new applicaiton
protocol. I am talking about using HTTP to GET/PUT/POST/DELETE
URI-described resources, as it was intended.

> Email constitutes a substantially different service than traditional HTTP.

Hundreds of thousands of people send and receive email over HTTP every
day. Anyhow, the question is not whether a new problem domain is
addressed. If so, mailing lists would need a different protocol from
ordinary mail and airline websites from auto sales websites. The
question is whether the protocol's syntax and semantics are respected.

 Paul Prescod

Received on Wednesday, 20 March 2002 06:03:20 UTC