Re: Web boundaries (was RE: section 1, intro, for review)

On Tue, 2002-03-19 at 20:58, Mark Baker wrote:
> But the only way BEEP could be used on the Web, would be if you defined
> a REST based application protocol on top.  Ditto for TCP (but, er, we've
> already got one of those).  SMTP is an application protocol with
> application semantics that are much more specific than HTTP/REST, so
> you'd have to tunnel on top - I'm not sure you'd find many mail
> adminstrators who'd appreciate that.
> If you don't want to obey these principles, you don't have to.  But then
> you're no longer on the Web, you're on the Internet.

I think Mark made my point much more effectively than I did.
> At this point, perhaps it would help to ask for a definition of the Web
> from the TAG?  Aaron previously asked about this;

Seems like a mission statement here makes sense.
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