RE: Space Varying URIs in Summary: Section 2: What does a URI id entify?

Interesting questions...

With respect to caching infrastructure and representations retrived from
cache then I think there's something of a trade-off between degree of global
consistency, latency and scalability. What I think you get is a
representation of the resource you asked for, although it my be a little
stale, and your 'view' of that resource might not be entirely consistent
with the view that you see from elsewhere (or at a different time).

Need to think more about the other case with delayed DNS updates.


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> Subject: Space Varying URIs in Summary: Section 2: What does a URI
> identify?
> I notice that this draft makes explicit the idea that a resource is 
> time-varying because wat's at the end of the URI.
> Are resources also space-varying? Consider the impact of proxy 
> servers (especially infrequently updated ones like AOL's), local 
> caches, and even DNS servers that don't always agree with each other. 
> You may not get the same resource I get when resolving the URI 
> even if we resolve it at the same moment 
> in time. You may have an older copy in your cache. My DNS may deliver 
> a different mirror site that hasn't been updated yet, etc.
> Does this need to be discussed? Either to confirm it as proper 
> behavior or to deprecate it as indicative of broken software and 
> systems?
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