Re: Summary: Section 2: What does a URI identify?

On Sun, 2002-03-17 at 09:16, Mark Baker wrote:
> - I'd suggest avoiding the use of the term "home page", as I believe it
> to be an artificial construction by those who don't recognize that a
> URI can identify a real life thing.  e.g. "Mark's home page is
>" is equivalent to "
> identifies Mark".  In order to know what "" identifies,
> you have to ask the W3C.  I assume that it identifies the organization.

While I agree that could be used to identify
the organization, that would have some practical downsides,
and we usually don't do it that way.

If we use the same identifier for the organization and its
homepage, we can't tell them apart; i.e. we can't say
that the page was last revised at time T without
saying the organization was last revised at time T.

for reference:

Dan Connolly, W3C

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