Re: Notes on draft-hollenbeck-ietf-xml-guidelines-01.txt

/ Chris Lilley <> was heard to say:
|  So I attach the notes in case they are useful. The draft seems
|  directly relevant to TAG work.

My own notes don't add much to the summary Chris provided. (Well done,

I actually find 4.6 (Element and Attribute Design Considerations) a
bit simplistic, but I'm not sure it's wrong. Statements like
"generally intended to contain meta-data" don't ring true for me, but
they're not bad design principles anyway. (I'd recommend 

<biblioentry id="bib.maler96"><abbrev>MalerAndal96</abbrev>
	<title>Developing SGML DTDs</title>
	<subtitle>From Text to Model to Markup</subtitle>
	    <surname>El Andaloussi</surname>
	  <publishername>Prentice-Hall PTR</publishername>
	    <city>Upper Saddle River</city>
	    <state>New Jersey</state>

if they'd publish an XML edition :-)

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