Re: whenToUseGet-7 counter-proposal

Larry Masinter wrote:
> It was noted in the minutes of the TAG conference call that
> there was a log of discussion but no counter-proposals. So
> here's one. I suggest that the appropriate W3C TAG policy should
> focus on the value:
>    Designs that use URIs as accessors for resources and
>    URI references as accessors for resource components are
>    better than those that don't.
> and that the following guidelines could apply:

Your guidelines are seem good to me.

I doubt that they would defuse the current controversy because they
still imply that SOAP users should have the option of using GET and URIs
to retrieve information (other than a service description!).
Nevertheless, they spell out the issues more explicitly.

 Paul Prescod

Received on Tuesday, 23 April 2002 23:03:05 UTC