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> It also
> now dawns on me that with the RDF setup, I can easily and
> economically give a related resource two different purposes,
> i.e. some XSD schema is provided *both* for authoring
> support and CVS-checkin-time validation.  -Tim

Some members of the Open eBook Forum discussed this in-depth for XPackage,
and it presents a couple of intricacies. In RDF, each of the purposes would
be associated with the schema resources *universally*, which would mean that
the XSD schema would have purposes of "authoringSupport" and
"checkinValidation" with whatever resource it is associated. Because an XSD
schema would never be associated with another namespace, this might be OK,
but with other resources that might be associated with multiple other
resources, a "purpose" tied directly to the associated resource might cause

For example, let's say that your namespace has an icon, so you associate the
namespace with the icon and give the icon a purpose of "namespaceIcon".
That's fine until you also associate that icon with a schema and give it a
purpose of "schemaIcon". The icon then has two RDF purpose properties,
"namespaceIcon" and "schemaIcon", both visible from either association.

In reality, what you're talking about is a purpose for the second resource
*only in the context of its relationship with the first resource*---and this
is pretty much impossible in RDF without some sort of extension.

It's much simpler consider the purpose to be identical to the property
itself that relates the two resources. There's nothing that says one can't
have *two* RDF properties associating the same resources. That is, provide
the namespace resource both "authoringSupportValidation" and
"checkinValidation" properties, each containing the same XSD schema as a


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