RE: "resolution mechanism"

No. Treat them as a Public ID.  That means 
the local system has to be able to dereference 
them only if it needs to.  If a URN is 
just a name, then dereferencing is by 
local scope, a local choice.  Otherwise 
why would you need anything other than a 
URL?  It isn't detrimental to any architecture 
to enable local choice.


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The problem is not a protocol to be able to resolve any URI.
The problem is to give something an identifier which can later
be resolved.  The appropriate scheme is http.

Don't use URNs.  They don't have a protocol.  If you use them,
then we will all have to make a new protocol for URNs.
We will end up reinventing HTTP which IMHO will be a
serious fragmentation of the specification and very detrimental
to the web as a whole.

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