Re: Validation of SVG paths

Hello, Ben.

On 2021-05-11 03:16, Ben Bullock wrote:
> To give a concrete example, I believe that the path in the following
> SVG is incorrect:
> due to the double M. I would like to find some kind of validation
> software which can check whether I'm right.

It seems that Firefox and Chrome (and me) agree with your assessment, as 
that path is not rendered (which is expected, since paths are rendered 
up to the point where an error occurs, which – in this case – is at the 
very start).

This doesn't help much with your actual question; I don't know of a 
validator either, but browsers seem to be fairly close to the spec in 
this regard, so one can at least look for a visual difference (in this 
case the green of the icon is changed slightly if the error is fixed).

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