SVG Integration: how about CSS property "filter"?

Dear Sirs,

According to SVG Integration at

"SVG documents loaded due to a reference to an external document from
any of the following features must use the resource document referencing
mode: ..."

and the CSS property "filter" is not listed in that section.

Is this intentional (e.g. do you expect CSS spec to say which
referencing mode it should use for property "filter")?

The same applies to CSS property "background-image". The *sizing* of SVG
content is defined in normative section "4. Sizing SVG content in CSS
context" at but it
doesn't say if the UA should use "secure animated mode" which I would
expect it to say.

I'm asking this because it seems that real world UAs (e.g. Chromium and
Firefox) do work this way but I haven't yet found any spec to define this.

Also, the "external reference" should be defined better. For example, is
reference to "data:image/png;base64,..." or "data:image/svg+xml,..."
internal or external reference? This basically rules if SVG in secure
animated mode can render e.g. embedded gif animations.


PS. I previously asked about CSS "filter" and "url()" here:

Received on Friday, 18 June 2021 07:48:50 UTC