Re: WPT tests and test guidelines

For Skef: First, thank you for your contribution. This does look really
useful. Second, sorry for the slow review; I probably should have at least
un-assigned myself so that the bot would assign someone else. But I didn't
expect that it would take me 2 weeks to get to it. I'm looking at it now &
further comment on the PR itself will happen on GitHub.

But you're right, that this hasn't been a very welcoming experience for
someone trying to help, and that's counterproductive given how much help we
need on testing.

*To the WG: *Planning for testing will need to include better processes for
reviewing test submission.

For starters, we need a refresh of the list of potential reviewers in
Please add yourself to that list if you can help! (edit the file & submit a
PR — you can do this from the web UI)

Then, make sure you have email filters set up so you don't miss review
requests or assignments. Tips:

If you get assigned something & you don't have time to work on it, or don't
have the expertise to handle this particular PR, clear the assignment & the
bot will pick a new victim.

But even if you're not assigned, review it if you have time. Make sure it
matches the spec, that it's clear what it is and isn't testing, and so on.
Lots of guidance on the WPT blog:

Of course, coming up with a template & checklist for writing tests, and a
specific “how to write SVG tests” blog post (as we discussed on the last
telcon) will also help reviewers, too.

Any suggestions on how to make this process smoother (for test-writers and
test-reviewers) are very welcome!


On Mon, 20 Apr 2020 at 02:30, Skef Iterum <> wrote:

> The primary topic of the minutes of the last SVG WG meeting (
> ) is the problem of
> finding people to implement tests and establishing guidelines for tests.
> Meanwhile the vibe over at
> seems more like
> tolerant indifference (although I am very grateful for @fsoder's review).
> So maybe some more dots could be connected between these? I am here, I
> have written some tests. I plan to write some more tests, and how many
> could depend on how much interest there is.
> Skef

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