Re: SVG2 CR 2016/2018


I have no account at this github.

And the CR 2016 recommends: 'Comments can be sent to'
The current CR notes: 'Comments can be raised as GitHub issues (preferred), or 
alternatively be sent to'.
Because there is no need for an additional account, this mailing list should 
be the preferred method to avoid additional barriers.

Anyway, most of the open issues are about missing required features.
I did not have a detailed look into the current CR, but I think, there are 
even more required new features removed.
And after starting asking about some features in 2016 it did not even finish to 
ask through the complete list, because it was obvious, that noting only a few 
open issuse, the CR was far away from beeing ready, the same for the current 

I think, there is no need really to add something again and again to such a 
github list, because the working group has already a list of new features 
identified to be required for SVG 2 for years now.
If the working group does not care to work on this, there is presumably a low 
chance that they will work on a similar list, just because it is now githubed 
Problems are not solved, if they are only moved from one list to another or if 
they are deferred to infinity ;o)
This results only in yet another draft or maybe even worse a useless CR or PR.


Dirk Schulze:

> If you see open issues please make sure to file them on GitHub [1] so that
> the WG can keep track of them. Otherwise, issues might get lost or
> overseen.
> Thanks in advance,
> Dirk
> [1]

Received on Friday, 23 November 2018 09:14:45 UTC