SVG WG Telecon, 26 February 2018

We had a call today. However, the generated minutes link ( isn't working, not sure
what's wrong with the bots.

Luckily, most of the call was recorded by the bot that posts to GitHub.
Here are the other details:

*On the call*
Bogdan Brinza (@BogdanBrinza, chairing)
Amelia Bellamy-Royds (@AmeliaBR, scribing)
Dirk Schulze (@krit)
Tavmjong Bah (@Tav)
David Storey (don't know his IRC nick)


   1. SVG issue #316, Add a presentation attribute for `paint-order`
   - Minutes: *
      - resolution: Add a presentation attribute for "paint-order"

      2. Revisit chapter assignments and find couple chapter for David to
   - Minutes:
      12:39 PM Bogdan: With our new member David Storey, he can take over
      responsibility for some chapters. I'm going to suggest Basic
Data Types and
      Interfaces, and maybe Linking.
      12:40 PM ... we need tests for new things like deprecating xlink, so
      that plain href should just work.
      12:40 PM David: Should there also be tests that xlink doesn't work?
      12:40 PM Tav: No, that should still work, it's just deprecated.
      12:41 PM Amelia: There is specific error handling behavior if both
      are given, though, so there needs to be tests for that.
      - resolution: David to drive 2.4 Basic Data Types and 2.19
      Interactivity chapters (Scribe's note: I think also Linking)

      3. FXTF issue #114, Restore SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement#preserveAlpha
   IDL attribute
   - Minutes:
      - resolution: Restore SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement#preserveAlpha IDL

      4. FXTF issue #25, Geometry attributes on <mask> and <filter>
      - Minutes:
      - resolution: Do not block CSS Masking/Filters on this and continue
      the discussion in SVG WG GitHub issue targeting SVG past 2.0

      5. FXTF issue #28, Let SVGClipPathElement and SVGMaskElement inherit
   from SVGGraphicsElement
      - Minutes:
      - resolution: Do not add SVGClipPathElement and SVGMaskElement
      inheritance from SVGGraphicsElement to level 1

      6. FXTF issue #10, Update content model of <mask> to match SVG 2 spec
      - Minutes:
      - no resolution

      7. FXTF issue #17, Support <g> element is clipping paths
      - Minutes:
      - resolution: develop the tests to find the interoperable core of the
      error handling and match the specification to that

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