Re: animateTransform has no default value for 'type'

1) The 'type' attribute of 'animateTransform' does have the default value
of 'translate', since the specification says so. Firefox implements
correctly and executes a translation if 'type' is not specified (lines 9
and 15 in the example below). Chrome doesn’t. You can report the bug with
Chrome, but I'm not sure if they care any longer.

2) Animations for a group of different objects (including nested groups)
ARE definable for the group:


  <set attributeName="visibility" to="hidden" begin="20s"/>

  <animateTransform attributeName="transform" type="skewX" from="90" to="0"
begin="0s" dur="5s"/>


  <animateTransform attributeName="transform" type="skewY" from="-45"
to="0" begin="0s" dur="5s"/>

  <g id="tubes">

<animateTransform attributeName="transform" type="scale" from="0" to="1"
begin="0s" dur="5s" fill="freeze"/>

  <g id="hor1">

<animateTransform attributeName="transform" from="150 750" to="150 150"
begin="0s" dur="5s" fill="freeze"/>

<use xlink:href="#left_cap"/>

<use xlink:href="#right_cap" transform="translate(360 0)"/>

<use id="t1" transform="scale(3.6 1)" xlink:href="#h_tube"/>


<g id="vert1">

<animateTransform attributeName="transform" from="74 574" to="474 174"
begin="0s" dur="5s" fill="freeze"/>

<use xlink:href="#top_cap"/>

<use xlink:href="#bottom_cap" transform="translate(0 125)"/>

<use transform="scale(1 1.25)" xlink:href="#v_tube"/>




It is wise before making a suggestion literally, to ask or double-check,
because if nobody replies then other readers might see it as a valid
suggestion. Some changes to the spec in the past were introduced out of
confusional debating where there was no need, without proper auditing.

Domenico Strazzullo

On Mon, May 29, 2017 at 4:17 PM, Johannes Schoenke <> wrote:

> I could not find anything about this in the mailing list, so I thought a
> share.
> In the SVG 1.1 standard section 19.2.16, right at the beginning of
> ‘Attribute definitions’ it says about the ‘type’ attribute:
> ‘… . If the attribute [type] is not specified, then the effect is as if a
> value of 'translate' were specified.’
> This is not true.
> If ‘type’ is not specified, nothing gets animated.
> So it seems like ‘type’ has no default value.
> Hope this helps.
> Best wishes,
> Hannes
> P.S.: Suggestion for the next standard:
> For ‘animateTransform’ and all related animation tags attributes like for
> example
> attributeName='transform' type='translate' fill='freeze' dur=‘4s’ …
> Should be definable for a group of different objects/animations. At the
> moment one has to write them for every single animation tag. Many animated
> SVG files would probably be half the size with this feature!
> <>

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