Re: SVG working group mailing lists

On 14-Dec-17 04:23, LĂ©onie Watson wrote:
> Part of the problem seems to be that at least two (of four) WG members 
> from TPG are not subscribed to www-svg@. If this is the official email 
> for the WG, that should have happened automatically when we began 
> participating.

The automatic database-driven signup (and signoff) when an AC Rep adds 
or removes someone is to public-svg-wg.

Anyone can subscribe or unsubscribe to www-svg, which is a manual process.

My preference is that both mailing lists are not used for technical 
discussion. Use GH issues, to keep everything related to a given issue 
in one place.

Amelia suggested posting agenda to both www-svg (as notification for 
interested members of the public) and public-svg-wg (to ensure all WG 
members see it) and that seems like a good idea to me. Knowing well in 
advance (2-3 days) that a call is being held will also help a lot.

Chris Lilley
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