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[very useful summary elided in this reply]

>    - Liam mentioned on the call last week that he was going to look
> into setting up a private mailing list that would be visible to all
> participants of the working group (including Invited Experts), for
> doing things like    sending out WebEx passwords or other
> confidential contactinformation.

I did, but having (minor) surgery wiped me out more than i'd
expected/hoped/dreamed, so it's still on my todo list.

> [...]
> Minutes for teleconferences should be made public,[...] In
> past we've also copied the text-formatted minutes into the body of
> the email, to make it easier to find in the mailing list archive. 

That's very useful.
> I'd also recommend sending out announcements of future telcons and
> requests
> for agenda items to www-svg, so members of the public can know when
> it's
> important to get their comments in before a discussion.

Since the svg-wg archives are public that's probably sufficient for
agendas and minutes - the simpler we keep administration the more time
we have for writing tests :)

We did have someone not in the WG trying to join the call last week
(actually to ask whether the default coordinate origin cound be changed
in Inkscape, as far as I could tell).

I'll try to be around for the call this week but no promises :(


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