RE: Weekly working group call time poll


I would like to connect telcon, but it is difficult to attend at midnight (at least 01:00-04:00) , Saturday and Sunday in Japan.


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Subject: Weekly working group call time poll

Last week we had a chance to meet on the call for the first time since TPAC and we hope to keep meeting on a weekly schedule. 


On the call last week, few members expressed the desire to move the call to a time that might work better for most ? so let’s try to understand the options. In order to get all opinions I would encourage to send the replies to this mail or directly to with the option that works better for you.


If possible please send few options, including day of the week and the time in your time zone, don’t forget to specify the time zone to allow us to align all the options. We’ll collect all data and see if there is a better option that works better for most of the attendees.



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